Dog yawning while wearing a dog cone

How Long to Use Dog Cone After Surgery?

If your dog recently had an injury or condition that required surgery, then chances are that you got them a dog cone to aid faster recovery and healing without any complications. The cone clearly isn’t a prime option for your pet and you would likely be gunning to remove it as soon as you can. … Read more

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Dog lethargic after being diagnosed with parvo

How Do Dogs Get Parvo?

Parvo is the short form for Canine Parvovirus. It is a deadly and highly infectious virus that attacks a dog’s internal system. While all dogs are at risk of catching this virus, puppies and unvaccinated dogs are more at risk. This virus is so severe and dreaded it brings up the question, how do dogs … Read more

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Woman checking if her dog has UTI

How to Tell Dog Has UTI

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not uncommon in dogs. Most of the time, this is caused by a bacteria infection. This infection can be quite painful and discomforting to your dog and if left untreated it can lead to worse conditions in the kidney or prostate. Read on to find out how to tell if … Read more

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Guinea pig about to sneeze

Why Is My Guinea Pig Sneezing?

Why is my guinea pig sneezing? You may wonder if you should worry about this, especially if you don’t normally see it happening. For this article, I’m discussing the reasons why your guinea pig sneezes, as well as how you can make your pet feel better. Why Is My Guinea Pig Sneezing? Guinea pigs sneeze … Read more

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Guinea pig with noticeable hair loss

Why Is My Guinea Pig Losing Hair?

Why is my guinea pig losing hair? You may be wondering this since despite having a care routine, fur still falls out of your pet. There are several potential causes of why guinea pigs suffer from hair loss and what you can do to treat it. Why Is My Guinea Pig Losing Hair? Infection is … Read more

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Fully grown rabbit sitting outside the house

Why Is My Rabbit Sitting in One Spot?

Why is my rabbit sitting in one spot? Is this normal, or should you feel worried? It’s essential that you understand the various rabbit behaviors, including the explanations of why rabbits sit in one corner and how you should react to it. Why Is My Rabbit Sitting in One Spot? Your rabbit may sit in … Read more

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Hand stroking a shaking hamster

Why Is My Hamster Shaking?

Hamsters are pretty low-maintenance, yet they also have delicate moments you need to address. For instance, why is my hamster shaking? Learn the reasons why hamsters quiver, including tips on how to control the situation and care for them. Why Is My Hamster Shaking? Your hamster may be shaking due to physical duress coming from … Read more

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Woman checking if her hamster is starting to smell bad

Why Does My Hamster Smell Bad?

For something so adorable and tiny, some hamsters can emit quite an odor. So the question is, why does my hamster smell bad? For this guide, I’m going to cover the reasons why your pet may have a foul smell and what you can do to solve and prevent such problems. Why Does My Hamster … Read more

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Little girl looking at her pet's fur for signs of mite infestation

What Do Mites Look Like on Guinea Pigs?

Mites are parasitic insects that can cause skin problems in a guinea pig, affecting your pet’s health and way of living. However, what do mites look like on guinea pigs? For this guide, I’m explaining the signs of mite infestations in your guinea pig, along with treatments and prevention. What Do Mites Look Like on … Read more

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Sleeping turtle

Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much?

Rest is essential for a pet’s growth, yet you may be thinking, why does my turtle sleep so much? For this guide, I’m going to explain the possible reasons why your turtle tends to sleep longer, along with what you can do to set a healthy sleeping pattern. Why Does My Turtle Sleep So Much? … Read more

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