At Care Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services to help your dog, cat, bird, or exotic pet. Below is a list of our common services, but we diagnose each and every pet in a 1-on-1 manner in our examinations and appointments:

At Care Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of services to help your dog, cat, bird, or exotic pet. Our doctors and staff provide the best veterinary care in Temecula, CA, by individualizing treatments based on your pet’s condition and needs.

While we diagnose every pet through 1-on-1 examinations and appointments, below is a list of our standard services.

Temecula Pet General Wellness and Preventative Care Services

Examinations and Walk-ins

Schedule annual wellness exams to evaluate your pet’s health and identify abnormalities to apply the appropriate treatment.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Pets, especially young ones, have weaker immune systems. Protect them against harmful diseases by getting the core vaccinations.

Parasite Control

Prevent potential outbreaks of ticks, heartworms, and fleas to avoid intestinal problems.


Ensure a healthy and clean mouth by taking your furry friend for yearly dental exams to protect them from oral problems. 

Diet and Nutrition

Developing the proper diet and nutrition plan for your pet’s weight management to prevent diseases and improve overall well-being.


Keep your pet safe using microchipping, and reunite with your cat or dog in the unfortunate event you become separated in Temecula.

Pet Diagnostic Services in Temecula, CA


Temecula veterinary diagnostic testing involves complete blood count, urinalysis, fecal testing, and thyroid test to detect possible problems your cat or dog may be experiencing.


Ultrasound examines your pet’s internal organs, evaluates the heart’s condition, and checks for a possible pregnancy.

Digital X-Rays

Radiology uses x-ray and medical imaging to assess your pet’s bones and organs for bone breakages, internal organ complications, tumors, and dental problems.


Our Temecula veterinary clinic offers gastrointestinal exams using an endoscope for real-time viewing of your pet’s internal organs and structure.

Allergy Testing

Food, skin, inhalant, and bacterial allergies can make your pet or cat uncomfortable and irritated. Protect them with long-term treatment plans to relieve symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Pet Surgery Services in Temecula


Anesthesia curbs your pet’s nerve sensory response to avoid feeling pain during surgery, spaying, or neutering.

Spay and Neuter

Neuter your female pet to protect her from unwanted attention from males during mating season. Spay your male pet to remove the risk of uterine infections.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery is necessary for bone and non-joint issues, including the nose, ears, and throat. This also covers gastrointestinal surgery and skin reconstruction.

Orthopedic Surgery

Save your dog or cat from further pain by treating broken bones, torn ligaments, and joint problems.


Oral devocalization removes specific tissues from your dog’s vocal cords to decrease the volume, sharpness, and pitch of the voice.

Feline Declaw

Onychectomy is a surgical process of declawing household felines to stop them from continuously clawing and scratching.

Temecula Pet Special Health Services


Let your pets have a home away from home. We provide the highest standard of care and cleanliness when they stay with us.

Pet Insurance

We’ll help you pick the best insurance policy to reimburse for your pet’s medical and surgical needs.

Emergency Veterinary Services in Temecula

We provide urgent veterinary medical and surgical treatments in Temecula for life-threatening occurrences such as food poisoning, snakebite, convulsions, and excessive bleeding.